Connect your wallet
Use the faucet to get 300 $FWEB3 tokens
Use the faucet to get 0.042 $MATIC
Send 100 $FWEB3 tokens to someone
Mint a Fweb3 NFT
Burn at least one $FWEB3 token
Swap a $FWEB3 token for some $MATIC
Vote on a Fweb3 poll
Write and deploy a smart contract

Learn and build in web3.

There are 9 dots to light up by doing things on a blockchain (in this case, Polygon). Once you light them all up, you win additional $FWEB3 tokens and a commemorative NFT.

It's free to play. Login with MetaMask to get started (you'll be prompted to install it if you don't have it already):

Stuck? Click the dots to the left to see further instructions, or check out the Walkthrough below.